Gender Bender in Bihar

Gender Bender in Bihar

Why did women vote against Modi in the recent Bihar elections?

A 20-year old girl Nageena says that life is about possibilities, and she is dreaming about becoming an engineer. In the first 10 years of her life, she was struggling in the red-light district with her life of red-district in forbesgani Bihar. Nageena’s home has had no electricity no doors, no roof, no drinking water.

Savita was her mother and they were not able to get another daughter to police rescue from a brothel in the district of katihar. Savita was always in fear and hid for the government.

Nageena is now graduate from famous pink boarding school which was established by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. She uses to get a free bicycle, school uniform, textbooks and a free seat in college.

Nageena’s mother now has a government ID cards, and other benefits from government and she built her own house with the help of government. Her mother has electricity connection in her home. Both daughter and mother cast their vote in this general election.

Savita remand’s that how chief Minister visited personally to Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya boarding school and helped her daughter and her friends. She remembered that how education ministry in Patna had sent down a team of people to protect the girls in the red-light area. Savita has opened a bank account. And children are able to wear proper nice clothes and also able to go to school, eat, stay properly.

Now Savita is not scared about the trafficker anymore. Their family has some finical and social stability. She made the red-light area into the non-red-light area. Made that place into a niche place by reliving all girls from the brothel activates and also issuing them government valid ID cards.

Nageena and Savita are two women who have voted for Bihar out of 60.57 percent women

The importance on girl’s education and women’s safety have been properly enhanced and paved the way for great social change in Bihar. 2 women out of every three women have voted in Bihar. Women independence have really turned out as per the newly formed government. Women are Bihar as 50% reservation in all government services and jobs and women.

Modi government is providing shelter   for single women, one-stop crisis centres, hostels for the working women. Women need to understood that a government that allocates big money to weaponry, smart cities, superhighways, international public relation contracts but the peanuts in increasing one hundred percent literacy and lowering infant mortality value them lets citizens.

The money which as spent on Modi’s international tours, fancy suits, grand meetings with all the top people from the Microsoft, google, Facebook these was all tax money which were spent. Modi’s government is increasing more taxes indirectly this may led to increase  consumables like creating more difficulty for working women. The most popular slogans are like Har Har modi se Arhar Modi.

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