Hailing Beti Bachao Indian origin UK lady drives

Hailing Beti Bachao Indian origin UK lady drives

Beti Bachao is the most important scheme of Indian Government. It was developed by the honorable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi after the effects that he realized after the reduction in number of female child.  They realize that in modern life girl child is the asset of the country. They can improve the society like a man. Apart from these girl is the creator of the country. So, this scheme mainly launched for keeping the ratio among the boy and girl and also enhances the quality of welfare services, which is related to girl child or women.

Beti Bachao, Beti padhao scheme was first introduced in October, 2014 and it was mainly introduced to maintain the child sex ratio. In the opinion of Indian census this ratio of India was nine hundred twenty seven girls per thousand boys in 2001, but in 2011 this ratio was depreciated to nine hundred eighteen girls for every thousand boys. As a result in 2012 according to UNICEF report India’s rank was forty one among the one ninety five countries.

Bharulata Kamble – In Support to the Scheme

The scheme has influenced many people not only in India but across the world. A lady, lawyer by profession, drove to India all the way from London, UK to show her support for the scheme. She is originated from Gujarat, India and settled down in London with her husband and family. Bharulata Kamble took 75 long days to drive by car from London to Maharashtra, India. She took the way from London to China and then through Myanmar she entered the nation. It was truly an achievement for the nation that people across the world show immense support to the scheme. State Minister of Maharashtra is going to facilitate Kamble for her move and support towards the scheme.

Need for the scheme

This is a great implementation that is joint invention by the ministry of women and child development, ministry of human resource development and the ministry of health and family welfare.

  • Some states are involved in sex selective abortion; they realize that female is the pressure of the family or the society. This scheme can changed this types of thought and can realize them that female is the main architecture of the society.
  • Through the technologies people are getting to know the sex of their babies that are still within their wombs. There are several cruel people who would prefer to spoil the child even at the womb. There were several states that were involved with such cruel activity and with such scheme people did not dare to do such cruel activity.
  • This trend came into existence after the shocking census report that was filed in 2001. People across India realized that the girl child in this particular nation is reducing in ratios.
  • The dowry system is another important aspect that is forcing the people to avoid the female child. By the dowry system, you are actually refusing to accept a girl one has to pay for the girl when she is getting married to some other family. It was widely practiced in the rural areas of India but with the scheme by the Prime Minister, people were forced to avoid the dowry system.

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