Nov 192015

‘Beti Bachao’ Campaign Now Gets Help From The US

Daughters are dear, so this is how the Indian government sees it. The government is trying hard to provide education to the daughters of India. Recently, the US government has offered the Indian government a helping hand to strengthen the nutritional programs started by the Haryana government. This help includes special funds by USAID, the US Agency for International Development.

More is coming to Haryana’s way!

Beti Bachao program is just the beginning of new era of evolution for India. With more US based companies ready to help the Haryana government, the things are going to get better for the local people. According to the US ambassador, more US based agencies and companies are interested in investing their money in the state for the betterment of the local people. For this the US ambassador said further that they would love to get an invitation from the state government.

Women empowerment being one of the most crucial issues needs special attention. In order to empower women the state government with the help of US government is planning to set up new food parks, theme parks, student exchange programs, online education system, e-learning programs, skill based training courses and other projects for women.

Happenings in Haryana

More things are happening in Haryana and this is the reason why the state government has asked the US government to participate in the upcoming events. On November, the 3rd and the 4th, the state government is going to organize a big event called US India Aviation Summit 2015, which is going to happen in Mangalor.

The state government has also announced an event to celebrate progress in the state. This event is called Happening Haryana Global investors Summit, it is going to happen in February next year.

The state government on the go!

With so many new prospects and events the state government is trying its level best to facilitate each program. So, on the government level more help is being offered to the US government to set up new projects on mutual cooperation. To explore more opportunities and possibilities for the people, the local government is facilitating the new projects by offering land. This land will be used for defense and aeronautical projects offered by the US agencies and companies. In addition, special support is being given to reinforce the automobile industry and precision manufacturing industry. The government is making special efforts to set up an international airport, an air conditioning devices plant and a university. More than 40,000 job opportunities are going to be open for the locals soon.


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