Lime E Wallet

Lime E Wallet

Axis Bank recently released a new digital wallet that is unique among others in India. This is used as a mobile program that links a wallet with banking and payment functions. It can even work with shopping functions if needed. This is known as the Lime ewallet and it is a smart solution that you can use for a number of different demands.

The lime ewallet is designed as its own special app. It allows people to handle information online to take care of a variety of payouts. People can use this wallet app to compare prices of different products and services. They can also use it to handle savings accounts in a fully digital manner.

Key Tasks From the Ewallet

The Lime ewallet works with a few basic functions to make it easier for you to handle transactions as you see fit:

  • You can get funds transferred from your bank account to another. This works provided that the other party has a Lime ewallet account. You can also ask for money from other accounts with the same ewallet system.
  • You can purchase products online with your Lime ewallet account. You can use this to find products and compare prices before buying those products too.
  • Payments can be made for a variety of items. You can use your ewallet to make payments for recharges, to cover bills or other services that are compatible with it.
  • You can even open your own digital savings account through Lime. The KYC process has to be completed for the authorization process to ensure that your data can be handled properly.

How to Sign Up

It is easy for you to sign up for this particular digital wallet. There are a few steps that you have to use:

  • You must have a smartphone with online access to use the wallet. The system works with smartphones to help get payments managed properly.
  • You need an Axis bank account for use with the ewallet. Axis is only allowing those with Axis accounts to use the program at this moment.
  • You must also have a proper app. The Lime ewallet app is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone systems.
  • Enter in your phone number to be linked to the ewallet. This should read your information so it ensures that you are linked up to this through a specific account.
  • A four-digit PIN should also be configured. This is to protect your account from being broken into by anyone outside your phone.
  • Credit and debit card information can be added into the wallet. You can use these to get money added to your wallet.

Special Features

Some added features are included on this ewallet for your convenience:

  • You can develop a shared wallet if desired. This lets you link a wallet to another Lime account so money can be pooled and linked between the two in real time.
  • You can get a certain amount of money reserved in a pool. This can include money that will be used for a future purpose. This money can be reserved on your wallet to be released at a certain period of time depending on what you post on it.
  • You can even get bills split between other people who have Lime wallets. This works when you are aiming to get payments out at restaurants or other spots that accept the wallet system.

This solution from Axis Bank will help you with taking care of many of your payments and other transactions. Be sure to see how well the Lime ewallet can work for you when you are aiming to get the most out of the transactions or money management needs you might hold.

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