Rahul Sharma adjudged best speaker at Beti Bachao Beti Padhao debate

Rahul Sharma adjudged best speaker at Beti Bachao Beti Padhao debate

Beti Bachao Beti Padhao campaign has become one of the most popular campaigns of India.  In various parts of the country, several programs like stage shows, debate competition, social awareness drives, etc are being held just to promote the cause and bring awareness to the masses.  In the same regards, famous personalities and artists from various segments are coming forward to contribute whatever they can to the cause.

Recently, the Lions Club of Jamshedpur organized a similar debate competition to raise awareness for the campaign.  The event was held in DBMS Lilliput Scheme, which is a school where most of the students come from families living below poverty line.  More than 200 students participated in the program, where a debate was organized.

Rahul Sharma, Arati Sharma and Sweety Pramanik, all from class VIII and Gayatri Kumari, Neelu Turha and Tiya Dey, from class IX spoke for three minutes each about the topic.  The speakers were judged on parameters of time limit, expression, memory, pronunciation and content.

All of the speakers were very articulate in their expression and content and were quite informative when it came to talking about the fate of females in Indian society.  They covered topics related to how the girl child could be saved and what would be the impact on society if gild child are given their due position in the society and families.

They talked about the declining sex ratio in most states of the country and its impact on our social structure in times to come.  They also talked about why this sorry state of girl child has happened in the society.  All emphasized that the desire to have sons in the families has lead to the dismal fate of the girl child in our society and talked about ways through which awareness and importance of sex ratio could be transmitted to the society.

The sex ratio in Jharkhand too is quite alarming and has declined from 965 per 1000 males to 943 per 1,000 males in the state.  They also pointed out the figures vis-à-vis each district of the state.  They emphasized the role of proper awareness and orientation to increase the sex ratio in the state.

Most of the speakers pointed out that women and girl child should be given the due respect in society, for what they deserve as a human being and as an indispensible part of the family.  They draw listener’s attention towards what would happen if there are less or no females in the society.

By end of the debate when all of the speakers had made their points, Rahul Sharma was adjudeged the best speaker of the debate, based on all the five parameters mention ealier in this write-up.  At the event were present members of the Lions Club and senior officials of the district along with staff members of the school.  With such debates happening around the country, we can hope that we, as a society would be able to alleviate the conditions of female population in our country.

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