The Women Power Line (WPO)

The Women Power Line (WPO)  

Eve teasing, harassing a girl, passing dirty comments, touching or molestation – these are such incidents that occur so often today. It is sad but true that most of the people, who are scared of being into controversy, close their eyes and just pass by without lending a hand to the victim. The Government of Uttar Pradesh has come up with this innovative idea to curb the growing crime against woman in the state. Most of the time, it can be seen that girls get scared or hesitant to report the crime. The Women Power Line (WPO) has introduced a special training for the common girls who will be joining the Indian Police Force as assistants to restrain the increasing crime against girls in all over the state.


Girls need to be in 11th standard or above. Those who are applying for the training must have their parents’ consent and also consent from the school or college they are studying in. Each candidate will get 3-5 years tenure period to work as a special police officer.


Elected as special police officers, these girls will be given training on how to deal with such unpleasant and sudden incidents. More than 4 Lac forms of this training has distributed in the colleges, schools, gram pradhans, police stations and other places for enrolment and surprisingly till now more than 86,000 girls have already enrolled in this program. Any girl who wants to join the exercise can get the form from her educational institute, nearest police station and gram panchayet office.


The training is much easier. It is a complete telephonic training (or Out Bound Dialling) that does not take much of your time or energy. Girls need not to go out to somewhere for this special training.

  • Registered angel will get a call from 1090 (WPO) and a 90 seconds recorded audio that says the general sections of CRPC will be played once.
  • If the girl understands the section she will press 1 or if she wants to hear the audio again she needs to press 2 and listen to it again.

Power angel project

Laws related to womenTo aware how these laws work
Government SystemAccessing the system
PoliceHow to work as a police officer
HealthHow to maintain health & hygiene
RTI informationHow to get information from RTI
SocietyDevelopment of the society

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