An in-depth view of speculations in UP for CM’s post


An in-depth view of speculations in UP for CM’s post

With the end of the election seasons in UP, the race for claiming for the post of CM of the state is still on. Sources have also conformed that there are many names who are claiming for the post, but so far no decision has been made official by the Party or the cabinet. Mr. Rajnath Singh (Home Minister), when asked about his views for the claim, stated it to be futile and unnecessary.

With dates yet being pending for the legislature meeting, the suspense is still on as no statements have been made by any Union Ministers regarding this issue. As for the people of UP, they are still waiting for the name to be announced by the union ministers of the state.

Brief views of what the cabinet of ministers have to say regarding the claim

  • When addressing the electronic media outside the parliamentary session, Home Minister Mr. Rajnath Singh has made it very clear that he is presently not willing to act as front runner for CM’s post in the state. Rumors of Mr. Singh’s taking over as the CM of Uttar Pradesh spread like wild fire after BJP chief Mr. Amit Shah met Mr. Singh in a parliamentary meeting.
  • Party sources have also claimed that Mr. Shah and Mr. Singh have had a number of meetings at the time of election campaign and that the duo had organized more than 150 rallies in the state.
  • According to the sources, the Home Ministry has already made it very clear that there are no such speculations of Mr. Singh being the next CM of the state so far. The statement was made official right after the polling results were declared.
  • The cabinet ministers have stated that they are presently not prepared to declare the name of the next CM for the state. Sources have also added that any such claims made by anyone for the pos can only be considered as mere speculations.
  • Senior BJP leaders have also made it very clear that only the Prime Minister is aware of the name of the next CM of Uttar Pradesh.

Who else is in the speculations?

  • Prime Minister Mr. Modi met Mr. Keshav Prasad Maurya (BJP chief for the state) on Tuesday. According to senior party leaders, Mr. Prasad should not be seen as claiming for the post as the meeting was not aimed in that direction.
  • Sources have stated that Mr. Manoj Sinha (Union mInister) could possibly be one of the claiming candidates for the post of CM. One of the reasons for making this claim is that the cabinet had offered him with an independent charge in the party for telecommunications after the reshuffle of the last cabinet.
  • Another possible candidate could be Mr. Dinesh Sharma, who is also the VP of BJP in the state and presently appoint as the mayor of Lucknow city. Mr. Sharma is also playing the role of state in charge for Gujarat state.
  • Siddharth N Singh, who is the elected MLA from Allahabad, can also be looked upon as one of the claiming candidates for the chief minister’s post. Mr. Singh is also a well known candidate in the television media.

The functionary of the party has also added that the right name of the candidate will be disclosed shortly in the party meeting. Till then it is certain that more names could be added to the list. Apart from this, the party has also made it very clear that none of the ex-CMs (Mr. Ramesh Nishank, B C Khan Duri, Vijay Bahuguna and Bhagat Singh Koshiyari) were competing for the post presently.

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