Here is what Beti bachao beti padhao abhiyan tells us

Here is what Beti bachao beti padhao abhiyan tells us

Well, it just cannot be denied that in a lot of areas in India, there exists the inhuman process of female feticide and honor killing. Especially in the rural areas of India, these things are much more prominent. And this needs to be stopped immediately. It is really essential to make people aware that women are important to our society. They are equal to men. And at present, they are equally capable, successful and intelligent as men in all the sectors of our society. Starting from business, sports, entrepreneurship, entertainment industry or any other fields, women today are immensely successful.

  • A changing society

Now, this means the society is gradually changing. Yes, it is, but still, in some rural areas of Haryana, UP and other areas, women are considered as unlucky factor for a family. The mentality is, when a woman is born, she will just get married to another family and give birth to next generations. No one feels the need to educate their girl child. And to change this thought, PM Modi has initiated the beti bachao beti padhao Yojana. And the reason this scheme was launched first in Haryana was, this state has the lowest female sex ratio throughout the country. The scheme has been implemented throughout the country to enhance the status of girls.

  • From the words of the PM

The PM of India took a strong stand. He said that women in all the sectors are being so much successful. This is why; it is high time to stand against female foeticide. This is the responsibility of not only the government but also for the people to ensure that women are given their rights. Education is the right to all, thus, no one can deprive them of education. In his speech during the Haryana Swarna Jayanati celebrations, he pushed the government’s policies with the aim of making the state completely free of female foeticide. The purpose of beti bachao is helping the women to become socially and financially independent. Like men, women too deserve each and every welfare service of the country and education is one of the most important of them.

  • A brief census of 2011

If we have a quick look on the census of 2011, you will see the continuous decrease in the female child sex ratio, especially in Haryana from the last decade. In 2001 it was 927/1000 and in the year 2011, it became 909/1000. This intense reduction in the number of girls is due to extreme practice of female foeticide among the families of Haryana. This needs to be stopped immediately.

A tabular overview of beti bachao beti padhao

SL NOFacts to knowBrief details
1.Scheme enabled in100 districts throughout the country
2.In Haryana12 districts
3.Scheme launched in22nd Jan 2015
4.Total budget150 crore
5.Additional contribution of government50 crore for safety within public road transport
6.New regulationsMore strict anti-dowry lawsInhibiting child marriage

Making girl child education compulsory

Economic incentives for women

7.The limitationsVigorous punishment for discrimination of women and abortions of girl child
8.Additional issues to be eradicatedDiscriminations in upbringing of a girl childImmense marriage expenses

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